Snake removal business picks up as more people at home do yard work.

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ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Warmer weather is bringing rattlesnakes out of their habitats and into yours. One woman in Rocklin was shocked to find one hiding in her garage! “A four-foot Rattlesnake in the garage is actually fairly common!” said Lou Fraser, owner of Rattlesnake Removal USA. The hotter it gets, the more the slithering serpents are seeking a hideout.

“When it’s a really, really hot day like the heatwave that we just had, that’s going to cause snakes to want to find a cool spot!” Fraser said. On Wednesday, Shauna Campbell opened her garage in Rocklin and spotted a four-foot rattlesnake lurking in a dark corner! “I’d probably move if I’d seen that,” said Jeff De La Cruz. But he had his own scare working in his Lincoln backyard.

“I seen a snake skin that was probably about a couple feet long!” he explained. Immediately his wife Lisa thought there had to be a snake nearby. “Yeah, I definitely was a little creeped out,” she told CBS13. So she called Fraser to take a look.

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