If You Hear A Rattlesnake, Here’s What To Do

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LOOMIS, Calif. (KCRA) — Retired Marine Lou Fraser is on the hunt for rattlesnakes. Fraser owns Rattlesnake Removal USA and answers calls to help remove rattlesnakes from homes and backyards. “These guys are coming out of hiding right now,” said Fraser. “With the amount of rain that we had, it’s causing a lot of snakes to come out early. They’re getting flushed out of their dens.”

Fraser said the most common rattlesnake in the Valley is the venomous Pacific Northwest rattler. “They’re extremely dangerous,” Fraser said. “It can inflict a very powerful bite. These rattlesnakes have a hemotoxin that’s extremely toxic and it destroys the blood vessels.”

If you see a rattlesnake:

1) Call a professional.

2) Don’t agitate it, back away if you can.

3) Use a garden hose to scare it away.

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